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    Essay as an academic work gives the student the opportunity to express their own thoughts most fully, to reflect their personal considerations and ideas about the world – even if their source is only someone else’s works, rather than individual experience.

    Is online class king legit? It is good when the topic assigned by the teacher resonates in the soul (or an essay on a free topic is assigned), but this is not always the case – and then there are problems when writing an essay. This article will tell you how to write an essay correctly.

    Structure of an essay
    The essay has not quite a standard structure. It should not have a table of contents, a list of references and, sometimes, even a title page. It is a free genre, which can be expressed by the author as he wants.

    The only condition that determines the structure of essay writing is logic. Everything must be structured according to the laws of logic. The scheme of essay writing does not change much regardless of the size and remains the same even in a mini essay.

    Despite the fact that the essay has a free form, it has structural features. First of all, they are caused by the requirements of this genre:

    All the author’s thoughts must be stated in thesis statements;
    Each thesis must be supported by arguments.
    Arguments in this case are specific well-known facts, events, phenomena, objects, scientifically proven facts, etc. The author’s phrase: “My grandmother told me about it” cannot be considered an argument. References to books or films are appropriate.

    An average essay usually has a small size (the standard length is several sheets of A4), begins with a statement of the problem, followed by the statement of several (usually three) theses and 2-3 arguments to these theses. It all ends with a general conclusion.

    An alternative form of writing is also possible. The statement of the problem remains the same. It is followed by the first thesis and arguments in its defense. And immediately comes a mini-conclusion on this thesis:


    This sequence is repeated 2 or 3 times, depending on how many theses you operate with. And in the conclusion of this essay, there may not be a general conclusion.

    There is also a third option, how to write an essay essay: add an opinion of the opposite side and the justification for its fallacy. This type of composition is more thorough and serious.

    Essay outline
    For those who do not know where to start writing an essay, it can be recommended to first make a plan for writing an essay.

    A written plan reflects the future structure of the essay; a plan defines how to compose an essay, serves as its framework. It is impossible to understand how to write an essay without first making a plan.

    Although the plan may change during the course of the work (and quite significantly), it is necessary to make a plan before writing an essay.

    To make a plan, you need to research the topic. Once you have a good grasp of it, you’ll need to go through the literature that fits the topic. Only after studying it will come time to think through the thesis statements and arguments, which is exactly what should be displayed in the plan.

    Example of how to write an essay plan for social studies:

    Introduction (in it you can justify the relevance of the topic, indicate the most pressing issues).
    The main part – actually, the theses and arguments, which are the main content of the essay. How to write them in the plan – it is up to the author to decide: you can use affirmative or question sentences. Variants of the same point of the plan in different formulations: “Functions of the Internet” or “What functions does the Internet perform in our lives?


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